Car Maintenance ProductCAR CARE

  • Car Wash & ConditionerCar Shampoo & Conditioner
    • The Foam protect car body
      gentle foam safe for car paint
    • Powerfull cleaner
      Clean component from dust and dirt
      Powerfull concentrate easy to lift stain
    • No harmfull compound and save for all type of paint
      and glass
  • Wiper Fluid ConcentrateConsenrat Fluid Cleaning Glass
    • Remove dust & dirt.
    • The combination of strong and safe cleanng materials.
    • Doesn't leave water stains.
  • Wiper Fluid Concentrate (Anti Freeze Formula)
    Consenrat Fluid Cleaning Glass
    (special for low temprature)
    • Can be used to -21 Celcius
    • Mix of powerfull and safe cleaner
    • Remove dust & dirt
    • no water stain
  • Tire Shine Tire Polish
    • Clean and Wet Black Display                                      
    • Shiny For Long Time                                      
    • Protects From Cracked, Faded,
      and harmful substances that can damage the tire
  • Interior Cleaner Interior Cleaner & ProtectantInterior Cleaning & Protector
    • Achieve viscosity by spraying efficient.                                      
    • Strong Cleaner Power                                      
    • Create Shiny Look.                                      
    • With Its Refreshing Aroma                                      
    • Give a Original Color


  • -Rust Protection
  • -Paint Protection                     
  • -Sound Proof                     
  • -Glass Active                     
  • -Engine Care                     
  • -Window Care                     
  • -Interior Care                     
  • -Body Care


  • -Brake Cleaner
  • -Engine Cleaner
  • -Carbon Cleaner
  • -Carburator Cleaner
  • -Injector Cleaner Gasoline
  • -Injector Cleaner Diesel)
  • -Super Engine Cleaner (Gasoline)
  • -EVO Brake Cleaner
  • -EVO Carburator Cleaner
  • -EVO Engine Conditioner
  • -EVO Engine Cleaner

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