Bob is a car aficionado and collector. He has been in the automotive industry for over 20 years specializes in premium cars. During his course of running the business he found out that most of high quality car care products in the market are very expensive and are beyond most people’s affordability.

Bob started channeling his attention to detail and passion in cars into developing high quality car care products. Working with a leading university in Boston, MA, USA he developed non compromising car care products that remain affordable. And now Bob would like to have car aficionados worldwide to experience Otogard’s products and savor joyful car life.


Company Name P.T.Kreasi Semesta Raya
ADDRESS Jl.Raya Karanggan no.86 Kel.Karanggan
Kec.Gunung Putri Bogor 16960 - Indonesia
Phone +62 21 87929412
FAX +62 21 87929413
Distribution Source
Inging Co., Ltd., Otogard Division
2-2 Minamiurayama-cho, Shunan-shi, Yamaguchi, Japan
TEL :+81 834 225248
FAX :+81 834 225212

General QuestionFAQ

Q1 What is Otogard ?” Otogard is a complete car care solutions that covers body coatings, maintenance products and car care.
Q2What are the benefit of the Otogard products ? Otogard was created by a car aficionado by combining passion with research and technology to produce uncompromosing high quality products for other car aficionados.
Q3Are Otogard products safe for the environment? Otogard uses organic formulas that do not harm vehicle vomponents, users, and the environment. It has been verified by international independent laboratories.
Q4Where can I get Otogard products? Please email at
Q5If I am interested in becoming an agent or distributor, to where I need to contact? please send email to